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Hey sweets! 

I am gonna write this post in English so all of you can understand what I'm saying, haha! I read my blog in english using the google translator earlier today, and it's so bad. Doesn't make any sense at all. Well, what I have forgot to tell you all these weeks (4 weeks since i left Norway today!), is that the first day I got here a package was already waiting for me. I knew what it was, but imagine the host family getting a package in my name before I even arrived.. Anyway, what was in it is some of my favourite "cosmetic" products, that actually is permanent and gives you really white teeth. It's from THIS page, and can be bought for a small amount of money that will be so worth it when you have the prettiest teeth in your group! In my little package I got the strong teeth whitening, a little teeth whitening light that will make the process more courageous and make it happen faster and a "tooth cart" which is a little piece of paper with a colour scale on that shows you before and after results. My teeth is the brightest in the scale at the moment,  thanks to these wonderful products! Unfortunately my Aussie friends won't be able to buy it yet, cause they don't ship to Australia - but I'll tell them that they should start shipping here. Everyone should have the opportunity to get this. You guys can buy everything HERE. Have you ever tried teeth whitening? Have you tried this one? And what do you think about it? 

The products are sponsored

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